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When you are ready to place your home on the market, first impressions are everything. By investing in making the changes that will create that immediate, positive first impression, you can increase your home�s attractiveness and value to ensure a faster sale.

Home Details by S&S provides Home Staging and  Home Improvements/Home Detailing services to prepare properties for resale. Our years of experience in Staging and Professional Project Management, makes us the ideal choice to get the job done right, on time and within agreed budgets.

The first step is to assess the work needed to showcase the best features of the property.  We look at the house/condo inside and out to determine what changes, repairs and/or upgrades are needed to make it stand out from the competition and sell quickly for the best price possible.

The recommendations are based on our experience on what will make the difference in attracting buyers and will always cost  less than the first price reduction your agent recommends if the changes are not made.

These recommended changes are reviewed in detail with the homeowner during the consultation and then followed up in a written report that can be used for reference as the changes are being made.  If rental furniture and decorative accessories are required, a quote covering the cost to rent the items along with the cost to Stage the house is provided. 




Staging is used to make your house appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers.  It neutralizes the homeowners individual taste and creates an environment where "any potential buyer" could imaging their furnishings and decorative accessories "fitting in". 

Staging is the art of spatial planning to arrange furniture, art and decorative accessories to showcase the best features of the house.  It creates room settings that are warm and welcoming while at the same time allowing potential buyers to "see the size and potential use" of the principal rooms.  

A potential buyers perception of  the amount of usable space will determine the purchase value they place on the property. 



Home Details by S&S, together with our team of professional sub-contractors, can address everything that needs to be done to showcase the best features of a home and make it stand out from the competition. 

These services include: cleaning, painting, landscaping, bathroom and kitchen upgrades, carpet and ceramic tile cleaning, sanding floors, installing new flooring and completing minor repairs.  These are the things that can make the difference on selling your property quickly for the best price.  




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