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Try looking at your house “THROUGH THE BUYER’S EYES” as though you’ve never seen it or been there before. Showcase the best features of your house by ensuring potential buyers can see the room and the space available not just the items in it. 


1. Professionally clean the house. Kitchens & bathrooms including inside cupboards & drawers, bathroom fixtures appliances and floors should be hospital clean.
2. Neutralize the decor in the house by painting rooms a cream/beige colour.  The house needs to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers.    
3. Make the house as light and bright as possible by opening the blinds, turning on all the lights & cleaning all windows inside and out.
4. Furnish key rooms.  Empty houses are hard to sell as potential buyers very little imagination on how their furniture can be set up to effectively use the space.
5. Pre-pack and store all extra clothing, books, toys and other household items that you and your family will not need in the short term.
6. Put clean fresh linens on all the beds when showing the house.
7. Have fresh flower arrangements throughout the house in key places such as the kitchen and front entrance.
8. Clear off & put away everything from the kitchen counter, top & front of the fridge & stove.  Make sure there are no dishes in the sink and that the sink and taps shine.
9. Put out fresh towels and decorative candles in the bathrooms.  
10. Remove all personal and religious items when showing the house.  Potential buyers need to imagine the house as their own and emotionally move in regardless of their ethnic background.

1. Curb appeal is critical to ensure potential buyers look at the rest of the house.
2. Trim overgrown trees, weed gardens, keep the grass cut & put mulch in the garden beds.  In the winter, make sure the snow is cleared from driveways and walkways.
3. Make sure outside of the house is in good condition with the front door and garage door freshly painted to entice buyers to explore the property further.








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